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Message from the Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to assume an exciting role as the Principal of “The Indian Public School”, Murshidabad, West Bengal.
Education is one of the most challenging as well as competitive sectors in today’s world. But quality education can be effected only through the combined efforts of children supported by parents, and catalyzed by the joint efforts of teachers and administration. All of us have vital roles in creating a conducive and stress-free ambience for every child to grow to his / her full potential.


Mr. S Kumar Iyer

The new education policy has redefined the aims, objectives and ideals of true education. Rote learning and memory, or just marks and grades, or even being toppers in examinations, need not be the hallmark of success.
Academic excellence can be asserted in several ways other than exam grades or marks. It is the quality of contribution of a person to the society, the nation or the world at large.
Every human is born with innate talent and diverse potentialities, and its blooming requires proper scope and environment with the right infrastructure. Every student need not be a scientist or a mathematician, but every child can, and should, become a skilled expert in his / her vocation of choice. His / her contribution to national and global progress and human welfare is the legendary heritage he / she shall leave behind as his / her footprints.
On behalf of the institute, its teachers and the management, I invite you all to whole-heartedly participate in this great journey of life that shall transform a beautiful child into a worthy human being.

Message from the President

After being in business for more than 30 years, I realized the necessity of diverting a part of my time, skill and resources to do something to meet the educational needs of rural, socially backward children of Lalbagh, Murshidabad and Behrampur. The Indian Public School is our dream project, and with the full support of all my family members, under the aegis of Glimmer Welfare Trust, I pledged a plot of 2 acres towards the development of a quality CBSE school with all modern amenities and infrastructure. This neo-endeavor is only in its fourth year; and in spite of the loss of a precious year due to Covid, the school is already attracting children from surrounding areas. We also have a school transport system to ferry children to and from school in case the parents are not able to escort them every day.


Md.Nefaiuddin Sk

With the co-operation of all parents and guardians, and with the dedicated service of a team of highly qualified, sincere and efficient teachers with experience in teaching children, we hope that the institution will grow from day to day and play a pivotal role in shaping the young generation into nation-building citizens.

Message from the Secretary

Children are God’s gifts. Children brought up in their own family under the same conditions may show different traits, attitudes & habits. Our duty as parents is to bring them up the right way by being their role models.

Many Parents from rural areas want their children to study in an English medium school, but due to distance and lack of school they are unable to realize their ambition. Apart from this, the high fees and expenses in English medium schools is beyond their reach. That’s why we have introduced THE INDIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL in a semi- Urban/rural area so that the parents can achieve their dreams at an affordable cost. I congratulate the Principal, all the Staff and all my lovely students for Happy Journey, creative teaching and learning ahead.


Mr. Faruk Hossain

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Prasanta Kumar Mandal


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